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Oregon coast

There are lots of dead zones in cell/data service between towns on the Oregon coast and we’ve chosen RV parks mostly in those gaps so there is a corresponding gap in our postings. Many beautiful sights these past few days as we explored by car and on walks. One walk took us on a steep trail down to the ocean through dense woods. We could hear the waves and smell the salty water, but it wasn’t until we were almost upon it that we could see the ocean. We came out into an ocean-front meadow with Wild Cucumber growing along the border. We then went to the nearby Cape Meares lighthouse where we saw Common Murres, Pigeon Guillemots and Cormorants by the hundreds in the water and along the rocky cliffs. These photos show the more open woods right beside the ocean.

Wild Cucumber

(Wild cucumber, a perennial whose trailing vine dies back, is also known as Old Man in the Ground or Manroot because of its large taproot with limb-like characteristics.)

End of the walk

View just north of Cape Meares lighthouse

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