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Reality vs memory

Rockaway Beach, OR

The Oregon coast is spectacular, but seems much more crowded, with more houses, businesses and traffic, than in the past. Of course, it is the height of the tourist season and we also try to take Juneau, AK into account when saying this. Having lived in a remote, pristine area, where human civilization is a tiny dot amidst vast forests and water, our definition of a natural environment is stringent compared to what it was before. Humanity undoubtedly presses more heavily on nature in coastal Oregon, but how much more heavily we no longer feel we can objectively say.

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Edge of Oregon

Sea Star

We spent a morning exploring the tidal pools below the Heceta Head Lighthouse, arranging to arrive at lowest tide so we could explore from lowest tidal zone out to the spray zone.

Sea Anemones

Just off shore, the top of a large rock formation was covered by hundreds of Murres while Cormorants were black spots scattered over the rest.

Lisa bird watching — Heceta Head Lighthouse in the distance.

Cape Creek courses down that same beach on it’s final run to the ocean, shallow enough that gulls and ravens stood and bathed in the center of the cold, clear current.

Brian beside Cape Creek

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