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A view of Silver City from Boston Hill

At last! For those of you who have been asking, “When are you guys going to post again?!” — thank you for your interest and patience, and here it is . . .

We’re in sunny, southwestern New Mexico, in the small town of Silver City, settled in for a period of immobility after many months of travel. We headed to the Southwest this fall to find someplace mild to spend the winter and were just passing through, on our way from the Gila National Forest to some spot in Arizona possibly, when we came upon Silver City. What we were looking for was a place to settle in the lower desert where our small, 1 plus 2 half-seasons (summer, 1/2 spring, 1/2 fall) Rialta could easily maintain a toasty interior, but there was something about this small town of roughly 11,000. It seemed quiet, yet vibrant; relaxed and comfortable. The town sits on the high desert at about 6,000 ft, however, and the coming winter spelled cold nights so we weren’t thinking of staying for long — just for a little while  . . . a little while longer. Then we signed up for a month at our RV site and now we have moved out of our RV and into a small cabin for another month or so.

Clock in the Historic District

We chose a central location in town so we can walk most places we need to go like to the Co-op for groceries, the library, post office and bank. Putting miles only on our shoes, not on the RV. There are trail heads within walking distance too. One of our greatest enjoyments has nothing to do with the town, however, and everything to do with our immobility: high speed Internet. We have set aside our 3G and MiFi with their slow and, depending upon our location these months, often non-existent speed and their severely limited usage plans for high speed cable Internet and we are updating, uploading, downloading, and reveling in essentially limitless megabyte consumption, insatiable after our lengthy stringent diet.

Autumn color

We do come up for air, taking long walks daily as the seasons change from summer into fall, fall into winter under a usually brilliant blue sky.  The tall, deciduous trees here in town flamed and went out, scattering leaves the wind has scooped into bright yellow piles glowing against the soft brown of our cabin while, outside of town, the desertscape changes are more subtle.  Juniper and Piñon hold fast while the tall grasses, heads heavy with seed, have bled out their summer green, becoming frail, pale gold, russet and sienna skeletons, rustling when we brush by.

So, here we sit, temporarily tethered.  Tied by our craving for Internet connectivity which is in such opposition to both our love of travel and our love of nature which take us so often into places where we are cut off from our digital pursuits.  Given our propensity for moving though, it’s unlikely that this spells the end for our travels.  We’ve kept a travel journal and will be uploading excerpts and photos to fill in the territory covered over the spring and summer.  Stay tuned and it’s good to be back!

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