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We parked in a dusty lot at a bend in the road, not far from a tiny grocery/convenience store. According to the map, we were in Olene, OR, but there was no other evidence of a town in any direction; just few widely spaced houses with outbuildings, big fenced pastures and a slow, quiet river winding through the gap in low mountains to either side. It wasn’t especially early. In fact, we were out too late yet again for our comfort, all four of us.
We geared up for a walk, with humans toting water for four, knowing that two 100 oz. CamelBak bladders wouldn’t be enough water for us all on a long walk in this heat.
We had been wanting to see something of the OC&E Woods Line Trail. Converted from the Oregon, California & Eastern Railroad, 100 miles of trail connects Klamath Falls to Bly and to the Sycan Marsh. This short stretch that we walked is a vehicle width dirt track and starts out beside the Lost River and Canal B of the Klamath Project (system of irrigation for cropland).

OC&E Trail on left, Canal B and then Lost River to far right

The countryside is quiet and open just outside of the Klamath Falls area. We saw Western Fence Lizards scurrying off of the edges of the trail ahead of us. Scrub Jays shrieked at us from Junipers on the hillside.

Western Fence Lizard

Blazing Star


Close-up view of Juniper's root and burrows in hill

Patches of bent and broken stems in the otherwise tall grasses beside the trail were evidence of squirrel feeding zones. We watched a ground squirrel standing upright on back legs, reaching up and, paw over paw, pulling tall stems down until it could get to the seed at the top.

Ground squirrel eating seed

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