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Our haul this morning from the farmers market in Mount Vernon.

We love fresh carrot tops in split pea soup so we made that for lunch.  The garlic is just superb, as was the onion.  The beets will go into blender drinks, their tops in our salads. This is a great place to live for those who like organic, locally grown whole foods. We shop the farmers markets, the Co-op and sometimes make trips to the small farms in Skagit Valley and on the nearby islands to get organic produce, eggs, cheese and meats. In Alaska we loved the access to fresh Alaskan fish, shrimp and crab, but missed the variety and freshness of the produce here.

It will be hard to leave, but we have developed such a taste and preference for fresh, organic whole foods that it will still be a priority for us and we look forward to discovering new farms, farmers markets and natural foods stores wherever we go.

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